Workforce and Community Development (WCD) at Nashville State Community College is your education partner that stands ready to help drive performance and profit in your organization with customized, professional development courses.

Empowering your organization and your people to succeed in today’s workforce couldn’t be easier!

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  • Tradition of Excellence
  • 30+ years of service and experience
  • Prices you can afford and flexible class structures
  • High quality course development and instruction
  • Courses delivered on campus, online or at your location
  • CEUs, non-credit or credit options
  • Courses tailored to meet your content and scheduling needs

WCD Mission Statement

Deliver high quality, customized, professional development for the Middle TN Community.


The Office of Workforce & Community Development provides non-college credit professional education. In conjunction with business and industry workforce demand in Middle TN, and the State of TN Economic Community Development analysis, the office places particular emphasis on advanced manufacturing, computer information technology, and healthcare training and development. Professional training is not limited to these disciplines; but focuses on them to align with the bigger scope of the geographic region.

In addition, the Office of Workforce & Community Development contributes to the statewide efforts in attracting new businesses, and retaining existing businesses. WCD works with local economic community development entities to fill the workforce pipeline with talented professionals.


In order to achieve its mission, the Workforce & Community Development office uses the following technique:
• Introduce business, industry, and community stakeholders to training and development
• Facilitate meetings and workshops to discuss workforce and training challenges
• Identify strategic, achievable solutions
• Implement customized training programs with measurable results
• Develop and analyze training metrics to confirm desired results have been accomplished
• Establish internal professional development processes for staff and instructors
• Maintain positive, collaborative business and industry partnerships for continuous training and development opportunities

This comprehensive approach systematically integrates the TBR TNTrained four-step process (Consult, Design, Implement, and Evaluate) with concepts of the Six Sigma five-step DMAIC process (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control).

Internally, WCD works with the Director of IT Strategic Partnerships, the Student Career Services department and Academic Affairs Deans (Associate of Applied Science degree programs). This collaboration will ensure Nashville State provides talented resources to local business and industry. Co-ops, internships, part-time and full-time employment opportunities for Nashville State students is a priority.

Externally, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is critical to the State of Tennessee in supporting American Job Centers and training workers. In addition, the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, the Nashville Technology Council, and the Middle Tennessee Workforce Development Board are vital partners. WCD works with these organizations to offer professional development to incumbent workers as well as business and industry partners.