Nashville State Community College IT and Coding Bootcamps

Nashville State Community College offers a variety of IT and coding bootcamps for anyone interested in an exciting career in the high-demand field of computer programming. In order to provide as many options as possible, Nashville State has partnered with two technology providers, CodeX Academy and Promineo Tech, who teach programs in front-end and back-end software development. During the programs, students master the most popular technologies in the industry such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, and SQL just to name a few.

Why Should You Attend a Nashville State IT or Coding Bootcamp?

  • IT is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Middle Tennessee and throughout the United States.
  • Employers in every industry are looking to fill open job positions with skilled IT professionals.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics projects software developer jobs will grow 17% in the next 10 years.
  • With a job in software development, there is an exponential opportunity for growth over the course of a career.
  • The average entry-level salary for software developers is over $55,000.
  • At Nashville State Community College’s IT and coding bootcamps, students will learn the industry’s most used technologies and have hands-on experience before entering the workforce.

Which Bootcamp Should You Choose?

Use the table below to help you choose the right bootcamp for you.

CodeX Academy Promineo Tech
Front-end Development Yes Yes
Back-end Development Yes Yes
Data Engineering No Yes
Curriculum Type Self-paced Schedule
Weekly Time Commitment 20 Hours 20 Hours
Program Length Between 24 and 48 Weeks 18-26 Weeks
Student Grouping By Level By Cohort
Live Instructor-led Class Yes Yes
Live Office Hours Yes Yes
One-on-one Mentorship Yes Yes
Evaluations Live, Expert-led Weekly, Expert-led
Responsive Chat Community Yes Yes
Internships Offered Yes No
Career Services Yes Yes
Financing Options Yes Yes
Program Cost $4,000 for Front-End
$8,000 for Full-Stack (front and back-end)
$4,250 for Front-End or Back-End
$5,350 for Data Engineering

More about CodeX Academy

More About Promineo Tech

CodeX Academy

  • Using a mastery-based learning style ensures students fully understand the code they learn before moving on to the next step.
  • Each student is paired with a mentor who is a working full-stack engineer. There are daily live check-ins with mentors, facilitators, and instructors.
  • Each student is given the opportunity to participate in a 90-day guaranteed internship to help jumpstart the experience section on their resume.
  • Career coaching is provided to each student.

Programs offered:

  • Front-End Developer: Master of the user interface (24 weeks part-time).
  • Full-Stack Developer: Trusted with every development angle of a software application (48 weeks part-time).
  • Students may accelerate their progress as the CodeX programs are self-paced.

Promineo Tech

  • Each student will meet with their cohort live each week and can participate in scheduled office hours and one-on-one personalized mentor sessions.
  • Students have access to Career Services at any time during the program or any time after graduation. Services include resume review, interview prep, career advice, and community events.
  • Each cohort is trained with relevant technologies and methodologies that hiring managers look for when onboarding Java Developers, Software Engineers, Back-End Developers, Front-End Developers, and Application Developers.

Programs offered:

  • Front-End Software Developer
  • Back-End Software Developer
  • These 18-week programs are divided into three 6-week courses accompanied by weekly lectures and assignments in a cohort-based delivery model

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between student groupings by level and by cohort?
Cohort groupings meet live once a week for 18 weeks. They have a scheduled start and end date. There are 7-12 students in a class/cohort. Students work individually and as a group.
Level groupings are individually paced. As a student’s progress is monitored, they will have the opportunity to participate in group sessions with other students who are at a similar level.

Is prior knowledge or experience in coding required?
No. Courses are designed to benefit both total beginners and those with some prior knowledge.

What is the difference between and live evaluation and a weekly evaluation?
Live evaluations are live feedback given to a student by their instructor during a session.
Weekly evaluations are provided weekly by a student’s mentor.

Does every program have the opportunity for an internship? Are internships paid or unpaid?
Internships are not guaranteed but are based on corporate needs. Nashville State, CodeX, and Promineo Tech have several corporate partnerships to help with internship placement. Internships can be paid or unpaid.

What are the financing options? Can students borrow money for my tuition?
The financing process is managed through the training providers, CodeX and Promineo Tech. Both providers have partnerships with financial institutions.

Do the training providers help students to find employment in Nashville and beyond?
Graduates of both providers have received job offers nationwide. They will work with students to find the opportunity that meets their needs.

Will students be required to on-campus at any point?
No. The bootcamps are 100% virtual.

What equipment/devices are required?
A Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with a minimum of 5GB of RAM and an i5 Processor. Internet connection is also required.


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